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We utilize state of the art VFD controls to provide the optimum ratio and speed for the fresh supply fans, recirculation fans, and exhaust fans. Integration of the AHU unit Air Handling unit with Heating Section, Cooling section, Humidifier section are a very important portion of the Paint Booth Controls Design. Cooling sections can utilize DX gas, chillers, compressors and cooling coils to provide just the right amount of cooling for the paint booth. The heating section can be gas fired boiler, hot water with proportional valve controls or Electric Coils.  

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Fully integrated paint booth controls system. Paint Booth Controls use state of the art controls utilizing Rockwell Automation PLC and C-more Operator interface. Paint Booth controls include advanced sensors for the protection of the equipment and the operators. CO sensors, LEL sensors, Photo-acoustic analyzer, Temperature sensors, Humidity Sensors, Pressure differential sensors, Air Flow monitors, Photoelectric Sensors, Proximity sensors, Intrinsically safe controls, Explosion proof controls are all part of the Paint Booth Control System. 

Paint Booth Controls 

Our Paint Booth Control systems utilize PID loops for controlling the operation. Several different modes of operation are used in the design of Paint Booth control System. Automation Experts can help you with the design and implementation. 



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